Started in 2011, Big Boot Games has been a quiet studio preparing the recipe to take the world by storm and they certainly did at PocketGamer Connects Bangalore 2016. Founded by Aarti Singh Gaur and Nairith Roy, the studio had developed a game Yuga before it was born and since then, they have forged a partnership for what is called Big Boot Games.

Big Boot Games since then has developed four games and showcased Meteora and Monarchy at PG Connects Bangalore of which the latter took the accolades, winning The Very Big Indie Pitch award, taking home $30,000. AnimationXpress got in a tête-à-tête with Nairith who soaks in the excitement of winning the pitch, and unfolds to us the plans ahead for the studio.

PocketGamer Connects experience and the big win at The Very Big Indie Pitch

There is a small background story to our selection. Originally we were selected as the top 20 finalists for PocketGamer Connects (PGC) London, but we could not afford that trip. So we decided to give it a miss and communicated the same to Robyn (she was coordinating for the London event).

Now Robyn did accept our withdrawal from PGC London’s The Very Big Indie Pitch (VBIP) but at the same time suggested we participate in PGC Bangalore and transferred our selection to The Very Big Indie Pitch Bangalore’s 20 finalist’s list. So with all our selection and approvals in place we attended PGC Bangalore.

Monarchy Big Boot Games

PGC Bangalore was a crazy experience. It was our first time at any game event and it turned out to be amazing for us as Monarchy took home the first prize.

PGC started with the blogger’s event and after going through the event we realised 2 things: one that the competition was very tough and two our game is very different s it’s a social board game with deep strategic undertone, takes time to explain; we took seven minutes and more on each table at the bloggers event. The good part was that we were last to pitch and we optimised this opportunity <img src="" alt="